Why is the Amber Wrench/Spanner Maintenance Light ON?

First of all the spanner/wrench service light is not indicating a problem, it is just a time or mileage linked alert to tell you maintenance is due. If your amber wrench/spanner warning light is on it could mean one of two service/maintenance actions are due. This light warns of both oil change service due and tyre rotation due. Yes indeed, tyre rotation! I have never seen this on a car before. Anyway, if the service light has come on due to your car needing an oil service you should obviously not overlook the oil and filter change and make sure this is done before carrying out the reset. If it is due to the tyre rotation warning, I’ll leave that up to you to decide whether it’s worth the hassle. As far as I’m concerned spreading the cost of tyres is no bad thing so I’ll leave them where they are but thanks anyway.

How to Reset the Amber Wrench/Spanner Maintenance Light on your 124 Spider

This part is easy, switch on the ignition, then using your main command dial select the ‘Applications’ icon on the main screen (furthest left on mine) then just work through the menu for tyre rotation or oil change and reset. All done.

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