Freedom of Speech

If you are going to demonstrate in order to protect your right to freedom of speech on your fascist views, you should at least learn to spell ‘speech’! Otherwise you are just confirming that you really are just an uneducated bigoted twat.

Taken in London on Saturday 3rd August as a bunch of disorganised right wing pro Tommy Robinson supporters tried to get engage with a peaceful and organised anti-fascist march, shout abuse at police and generally make a bad show of themselves and their views.

I’m not sure what all this achieved apart from diverting a considerable amount of police resources away from things they would have been far better doing.

All credit to the police dealing with a very fluid situation whilst having abuse yelled at them. I would have been hard pressed not to react to some of the idiocy they had to calmly deal with. Interesting to note that it was only the fascist/right wing/Tommy Robinson supporters who were shouting abuse at police. It was also only the right wing supporters trying to break through the police to get at the anti-fascist march and clearly trying to instigate a confrontation.


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